The Team

Executive Team


Kimba Langas

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Kimba likes to refer to herself as an “accidental abolitionist.”  An Emmy-award winning producer and 20-year veteran of the television and video production industry, Kimba has always had a passion for storytelling.  Just two short years ago, though, the story of modern day slavery and sex trafficking wasn’t even on her radar.  When her friend David approached her as a partner for a new organization he wanted to form to empower survivors of sex trafficking, she was intrigued.  Little did she know how the issue would grab her heart and never let go.

Kimba heads the Free The Girls U.S. office and is responsible for day-to- day domestic operations of the organization, which includes speaking to women’s groups on the subject of human trafficking, igniting fires in new abolitionists, raising funds for the cause, and packing and shipping thousands of bras.  Kimba hopes she serves as an example that global change requires people from all types of backgrounds to step up and offer what they can where they are.

Dave Terpstra

Co-Founder & GLOBal Director

Dave creates businesses that help to sustain NGOs and other projects around the world. He is passionate about using enterprise as a solution to poverty and as a vehicle for a better future for women who are survivors of sex trafficking. After over a decade of work at various NGOs and not-for-profit organizations in the United States, Dave and his family moved to Mozambique to the front-lines of poverty driven sex-trafficking in Africa. Before leaving for Africa, Dave and Kimba started Free The Girls to help connect the average woman in America to survivors of sex-trafficking in Sub-Saharan Africa. As Global Director for Free The Girls he works day-to-day with survivors and is responsible for our partnerships with aftercare providers around the world.


Board of Directors


Greg Arthur

Pastor, Duneland Community Church

Vice President


Co-Founder & Global Director, Free The Girls



Attorney, Dustin Sparks Law





President, Confluence Family Office

Melissa M. watson, ESQ

National Director, Free The Girls;Freelance Writer; Fundraising Chair, Soroptimist International of the Kachinas


Free The Girls has a small staff of people who manage the day to day operations. All of our employees are part-time and work virtually from their home offices providing support for our domestic and international programs.

Kimba Langas, Executive Director

Melissa Watson, National Director

Joshua Broward, International Program Manager

Pam Gumns, Inventory Manager

Selah Davenport, Volunteer Manager




Free The Girls has a strong base of volunteers across the United States and around the world. Our volunteers possess a broad range of skills, experience, and talents to assist us with numerous tasks, including, organizing bra drives, sorting bra donations, fundraising, providing administrative support, appearing at public events, developing our website, responding to email inquiries, managing our social media presence, and developing partnerships.

Volunteer Leadership Team

Emily Flynn, Event Publicity Coordinator

Diana Belair and Ashley Dumlao, Event Concierges

Dani Oakes, Graphic Design

Krista Finney, Gala Chair

Nam Le, SalesForce Coordinator


Roberta Alberston

Sarah Broward

Tom Calkusic

Jacqui Hausoul

Teresa Juarez

Candy Trusty


Kaci Nice

Daniel Nice

Cori Miracle

Holly Begg

Cindy Rold

Aryn Faughnan

Jenn Merrick 

Joseph Adriano

Deanna Adriano

Rhonda Cronan

Lorie DiSaia


Ashley Kochkanyan

Carrie Strohmeyer

Kennede Reese

Melissa Laurienti

Madison Hombach

Nicole Munoz

Erin Regan

Tasha Svendsen

Nathanael Shue

Audra Caitlin Shue

Duneland Community Church volunteers